enVision Alignment™

Even the most successful organizations can perform at sub-optimal levels, as revealed in published and private interviews with CEOs and Board of Director Chairs.   And while sub-optimal performance is more obvious in organizations that are operating below industry standards, even organizations achieving aggressive goals often have room for improvement.

Executives trying to explain poor performance frequently seem to hide behind excuses like "supply chain challenges," "economic or market pressures," and "operational issues."  Inconsistently poorly performing organizations, such justifications are a ruse for poor aggregate leadership. Yet in organizations where performance expectations are being met or even exceeded, year-end reviews often find missed opportunities to reach even better outcomes. Why?

There can be any number of issues that were misread or missed by members of the executive or senior leadership teams. There may also be the inherent process, structural or cultural factors that keep good organizations from being great, and great organizations from becoming even better.


The enVision Alignment™ process contains three steps to help uncover and address these issues:


  • An electronic survey of each member of the executive team, focusing on nine major aspects of organizational performance that influence and sustain high performance;
  • Follow-up personal interviews with each executive; and
  • A team feedback process to the full executive team, which reviews the data that have been collected and helps the team create prioritized action plans through a facilitated process.

The results are actionable items that have been committed to by leaders through their input, review, and assessment…a powerful process of analysis and ownership.


C-suite leaders in organizations of all sizes and performance levels can benefit from the use of these tools.

  • Those who are satisfied with the performance of their organizations may find the use of the enVision Alignmentprocess both validating and insightful. The process will also strengthen the alignment and resolve of their executive team.
  • Those who seek to enhance organizational performance, no matter the current status, will find that the enVision Alignment process can help their teams move quickly to create prioritized areas of focus.

For a white paper that explores enVision Performance Solutions’ work and results with the enVision Alignment process, please click here.

Brochure on the enVision Alignment process

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