enVision 360

enVision.360® is a suite of multi-rater leadership development tools that assess critical competencies required of leaders in today’s results-driven world. Developed with the assistance of a team of seasoned executives from a cross-section of industries, enVision.360® may be used to drive both individual development and organizational change.

Both comprehensive and straightforward, enVision.360® helps leaders at all levels understand how they are perceived by others and thoughtfully identify areas for professional and personal growth. Four versions are available:  Executive, Manager, Front-line Leader, and Individual Contributor.

The Instruments:

  • Measure both positive behaviors and derailers.
  • Provide both quantitative and open-ended items, to allow both numerical ratings and “color commentary.”
  • Present feedback in a clear, easy-to-understand report to aid in zeroing in on strengths and development needs.
  • All align, so that an organization using multiple versions presents a coordinated, coherent story to all organizational levels as to what success “looks like.”

enVision.360® does not have to be used “as is.” Both the instrument and the website can be customized for your organization’s needs. You may select other competencies from our library to better map to your own competency model, or we can create both new competencies and new items to measure what is important in your organization.  Additionally, the enVision.360® website can be  customized with your colors and logo.

Information sheets and Sample Feedback Reports

 enVision.360® suite

enVision.360® for Executives


enVision.360® for Managers

enVision.360_sample manager enVision.360 Sample Manager Report

enVision.360® for Front-line Leaders

enVision.360 For Front-line Leaders enVision.360 Sample Front-Line Leader Report

enVision.360® for Individual Contributors

enVision.360 For Individual Contributors enVision.360 Sample Individual Contributor Report

What is measured in each instrument:

Competencies by level

Competencies By Level

To discuss how to use enVision.360® in your organization or how to become certified to deliver this yourself, please contact enVision Performance Solutions.